It supports following families

4CGandhi to Unicode, Chanakya to Unicode, Kruti Dev 10 to Unicode, Unicode to 4CGandhi, Unicode to Chanakya, Unicode to KrutiDev, 4CGandhi to Chanakya, 4CGandhi to Kruti Dev 10, Chanakya to 4CGandhi, Chanakya to Kruti Dev 10, KrutiDev 10 to 4CGandhi, KrutiDev 10 to Chanakya.

Online Unicode to 4cGandhi Converter

We delivered to you novel ability to convert your content from Unicode to 4cGandhi converter. This simple yet very powerful tool gives you the facility to type in QWERTY English keyboard layout then your content will be converted in 4cGandhi.

Use [4cgandhi] shortcode for 4cgandhi or Place them any location as per your requirement.

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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress.

  3. Go to Plugins > 4cgandhi click to Docs.

  4. Setup the plugin as per your requirement.

Some of the Features:

You dont required to install any hindi fonts.
Unlimited text size to convert on single click.
This online tool is not browser dependent.
Click for check your hindi typing speed.
899+ Hindis Font Free Download.
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Gujarati font converter
Marathi font converter
Hindi to English Dictionary
English to Hindi Dictionary


4CGandhi font is very popular font and used in News paper printing and magazines publication widely. When you have to sent any article or poem to publish in newspaper you have to send in 4CGandhi font formate. This conversion tool can convert Chankaya legacy Hindi font to Unicode. 4CGandhi is a legacy font and this tool will convert it to Unicode (Mangal) font. you can use converted Unicode font anywhere on Internet such a Gmail, twitter, Facebook, forums, comments any where you want to type in Hindi use Unicode it will show in Hindi everywhere. So get ready type or paste your 4CGandhi font in given box and click the convert button to get Unicode font.

Yes, Please contact for [Support] (

This plugin works with all well coded themes that have convert Free Online krutidev, chankya, 4cgandhi Code based on 4CGandhi. locations defined.

Yes, please contact for [Support] (

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