ACF Feeds for Gravity Forms



Use this plugin to update an ACF field(s) when Gravity Form is submitted. You also can accumulate value in a certain field (only fields of type Number supported at the moment).


  • Target a wide range of WP entities: page, post, custom post, user, term, taxonomy, widget, comment, options page, current page/post.
  • Use GF merge tags in the ACF Target field
  • Simply map ACF and GF fields in one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many relations
  • Use operations on ACF fields to modify currently stored values
  • Number fields support +, and * math operations
  • All text compatible fields support + operation to join strings
  • ACF field targets support merge tags
  • Implement complex logic with conditional feeds

Any GF field compatible with string/number values should work. Tested GF fields: Single line text, Paragraph Text, Drop Down, Number, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Website, Email.
Any ACF field compatible with string/number values should work. Tested ACF fields: Text, Text Area, Number, Range, Email, Url, Password, Select, Checkbox, Radio Button, Button Group, True / False

Example use cases:

  • Count number of submissions
  • Remember name/login/email of the last user who submitted the form
  • Make a simple page like feature
  • Save name of a last sold product



  1. Upload gravity-forms-acf-feeds folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. In Gravity Form select ACF Feeds settings
  4. Create a new ACF Feed
  5. Enter ACF target selector or leave it empty for the current/post page
  6. Map you form fields to ACF fields of your target


Leave the target field empty, empty field means current page/post.

Add + or before the ACF field name in the mapping settings.

Yes, the Target field supports merge tags, so you can pass target ID from your form. It can come from a dynamically populated GF field too.

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