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It can sometimes bother you if your client (website owner) is not a WordPress techie. To assign her/him a role of Administrator may keep you nervious of worrying the website being destroied due to too many capabilities assigned. On the other hand, to assign her/him an editor may make your client less control of site users or the capabilities to adjust premium themes or plugins.

Of course there are some user role creation and editing tools out there that can help you resolve the issue, however it may take lots of your time to manipulate such a process again and again when working on different projects. This plugin (Add Role Site Manager) is meant to help you create a new role Site Manager (role ID: site_manager) out-of-the-box which you can assign to your client as the top management of the website, so to resolve the above concerns.

The capabilities of the role Site Manager will be more than Editor and less than Administrator to cover your needs. If Woocommerce is activated at your site, instead the capabilities of Site Manager will be more than Shop Manager and less than Administrator.

In case you encounter any client managers roles of popular plugins similar to Shop Manager of Woocommerce that needs this plugin to cover their capabilities out-of-the-box, please dont hesitate to let us know so well try to add them in the next releases after our evaluation.



  1. Upload the entire add-role-site-manager folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. A new role by name of Site Manager will therefore be created
  4. Assign this Site Manager role to the top management of your client (website owner)


Nothing. The created role Site Manager will still be effective there on your site.

The created role Site Manager will be removed after the uninstallation. Any users who were assigned to be Site Manager will be changed automatically to become Administrator.

This plugin is meant to save your time and create automatically a Site Manager role to fulfill most of the requirements of a Site Manager out-of-the-box. Should you be not comfortable with the capabilities being assigned, you can still adjust by yourself the capabilities of the role via plugins like User Role Editor, WPFront, Capability Manager Enhanced, etc.

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