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This plugin will help you quickly set up a standard WordPress settings page for your project, be it a theme or a plugin. Thats it!

Below is a Hello World piece of code to quickly get you an idea. It will generate a standard settings page with a checkbox, complete markup, save logic.

add_field(     array(       'name'        => 'simple_checkbox',       'label'       => __( 'Is this plugin awesome?', 'textdomain' ),       'type'        => 'checkbox',       'description' => __( 'Help your users with a nice description.', 'textdomain' ),       'section'     => 'general', // Optional. Default section. You can add new ones as easily as adding a field.     )   );    // Render the page - this is mandatory   $options_page->init();  ?> 

There are a zillion options plugins out there. Why this?

All plugins will inevitably have their limitations, but Admin Form Framework is written in form of an object that can be easily extended to suit your needs. This is what we use internally at Dream Production.

Get started

For a complete example / settings page template, open up the included my_options.php file from examples folder.


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Follow the instructions to get started with your first settings page.


Does this plugin do anything by itself?

No. This plugin is targeted at developers of WordPress themes and plugins.

Why not use WordPress Settings API directly?

The Settings API can be difficult to use by the novice developer. Writing the settings pages means a lot of code that can be difficult to follow, and a lot of repetitive HTML code. Admin Form Framework wraps it all up and allows you to quickly add the options you need without thinking about the technicalities of defining, saving and displaying the options on the options page.

When should I not use Admin Form Framework?

If you require a lot of custom markup or advanced validation, this plugin may get in your way. However, you can easily extend the settings class with new option types that satisfy your particular needs.

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