Whether youre looking for your first on-site monetization strategy or already have a robust and varied collection of ad solutions, AdQuire is the answer to your revenue-generating needs.

Just starting to explore how to make money from your blog? AdQuire provides you with ease-of-implementation, minimal-to-zero upkeep, and name brands your readers will love.

Have a variety of existing advertising initiatives and looking for ways to add new revenue? AdQuire is the perfect complement specializing in monetizing user actions and experiences that other solutions do not.

How It Works

While most available plugin options rely on display impressions and could be perceived as intrusive to readers, AdQuire is strategically placed to show after they take a requested on-site action. Typically, those include:

  • New Member Registration
  • Newsletter/Email Alert Sign Up
  • Contest Entry
  • Post-Purchase
  • And More

As the reader completes any of these actions, AdQuire positions opt-in ads as a reward or Thank You to them for doing so.

The end result? Better engagement and a more positive reader experience on your site.


  1. Register to be an AdQuire Publisher by filling out this registration form.

  2. Download the most recent version of the AdQuire plugin

  3. In your WordPress Dashboard, activate the AdQuire plugin via the Plugins menu

  4. At this point you can access the AdQuire Configurations page from the side navigation bar on the admin dashboard. Once your registration is approved, you will receive your publisher information. You can then enter this info into the AdQuire Settings page in your dashboard.


Simply follow the steps outlined on the Installation tab.

Typically ads are displayed on the Thank You page immediately after users take a requested action. If no Thank You page exists, dont fret, we will still be able to integrate the plugin seamlessly into the user experience.

We keep your readers on your site, never directing them away from your content.

Absolutely! AdQuire is fully optimized for all web and mobile traffic.

AdQuire only serves US traffic

We send you a daily revenue report and provide a dashboard login for you to keep track of all your earnings.

Of course! In many ways AdQuire is the perfect complement to other solutions. We encourage our blog partners to freely monetize their users as they see fit.

You will be paid on Net 30 terms for all revenue generated.

We send out a check on the 8th of every month with your earnings from the month prior.

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