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I made this plugin for using on one of my websites in which we have a few authors. The plugin was coded because we needed to know how much eath author is making for us.

So this plugin will track the revenue each author creates for you. There is a few things you need to do before using this plugin.

  1. You will have to create a resposnsive ad unit with the author name as the unit name and save the adslot id.

  2. Email this adslot id to your author and ask him/her to insert it in their profile section.

  3. Enter your(or companys) adsense account pubid (just the number) in the settings menu of Adsense for Authors plugin.

Once you do that the ads which are being shown in any article page will be of the adslot you created with the author of that article! So this way you will be able to see how much each authors are earning for you!

You can use this information either to share with your authors or you can pay more for your authors based on the revenue they generate for you!

The plugin supports one adspot inside the article and one on the sidebar!

How it works:

  1. Create an adunit in adsense for each of the authors on your site.(Give the authors name as the adunit name).
  2. Get the adslot from the created adunits and give the respective adslots to your users. Then ask them to fill it out on their profile section.
  3. Set your adsense pub id in the plugin settings page along with the ad position.
  4. The plugin will show the ads in the posts based on the author and the assigned adslot.



Upload the contents of the zip file to your plugin directory.


You can contact me for any bug reports, feedbacks, support etc through the official forum:

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