Advanced Social Media Icons



Advanced Social Media Icons

This plugin shows a social media icon when you display a shortcode. The icon is clickable and fully customizable.


You can customize the plugin with attributes:

  1. url Links the icon to a url when pressed, use http://
  2. src Which social platform you want to use
  3. id There are 3 types of icons for every social media platform. The standard square icon doesnt need an id but for the round icon use id=1 and hex icon use id=2 .
  4. height Enter the amount of pixels of height, standard is 55px
  5. width Enter the amount of pixels of width, standard is 55px
  6. align Align the icon on the right position
  7. alt Give alt text with ur icon, good for SEO


There are three types of icons. Square, round and hexagon.
To display round icons use id=1 and for hexagon use id=2 .


The plugin uses shortcodes to display the icons. For example [social url= src=twitter] .
Other example are:

  1. [social url= src=facebook height=50px width=60px]
  2. [social url= src=instagram align=middle]
  3. [social url= src=linkedin id=1]


Upload the .zip file with a FTP program in the folder wp-content/plugins or upload via Worpress backend.


To use the icons write a shortcode example [social url= src=twitter align=right]

Yes there is, use the id attribute like so [social url= src=twitter id=1 align=right]

  1. Check if your adblock is on.
  2. Check if you run the latest version of WordPress.

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