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AIM Style Vault lets you add persistent CSS to your WordPress theme that can be organized into stylesheets and published
just like a post. Youll never again have to worry about losing changes made to the style.css file of your theme. In fact, you
can switch back and forth between themes and use AIM Style Vault stylesheets to preserve special styles for each. The AIM Style
Vault stylesheets are generated using a custom post type, then compressed and served to the document header,
resulting in the fast application of custom CSS. Stylesheets are applied using the top-to-bottom cascade so that recent stylesheet
entries will override earlier entries.

AIM Style Vault requires that the wp_head() tag is included in the theme header.php file. If it is not present, contact your themes
author and request that it be included.

AIM Style Vault Features:

  • Unlimited Custom CSS Stylesheets
  • Name each stylesheet
  • Copy and paste stylesheets from another site or your text editor
  • Publishing controls for each stylesheet
  • Accepts all valid CSS and CSS3 specifications
  • Links to CSS resources, including a color-picker and CSS3 style generator
  • Use WordPress Importer plugin to import or export AIM Style Vault stylesheets
  • The AIM Style Vault stylesheet files are accessible only to Admin users

Some uses for AIM Style Vault:

  • Create seasonal styles for your website
  • Apply style tweaks that wont be lost with a theme upgrade
  • Use AIM Style Vault in place of a child theme for style changes
  • Publish a style on a given date
  • Apply browser-specific styles using the added body selectors (requires body classes to be set)
  • Switch between styles without losing a style
  • Create and easily share styles for a theme
  • Keep track of older styles in unpublished stylesheets (for reference)
  • Test new layouts and styles for better conversion
  • Organize styles into stylesheets based on criteria such as location or function
  • Create versions of styles for approvals.

More information about the AIM Style Vault is available at: AIMBIZ



  1. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


Use proper CSS syntax including the selector, property and value. Properties and values are separated by a colon and a semi-colon should follow the value.
The properties and values for any selector should be enclosed in brackets: e.g. .selector-name { width: 100%;}

You can create new special styles for the new theme. If two themes use the same selector, you may want to unpublish the stylesheet created for the previous
theme and create a new style for the selector in the new theme.

Yes, just use the proper syntax, enclosing the comment in slashes and asterisks: /* comment goes here */.

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