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This plugin will help you add file upload feature to your site, set maximum upload size, allowed file extensions, and much more through a simple shortcode or a custom function.

Totally AJAX, your uploads will be processed faster and an elegant way. All you need to do is to add the shortcode to your content, or call the plugins custom function whithin your code and thats it.

You can either use [ajax-file-upload /*settings as attributes*/] shortcode to display the quick media upload buttons in the front-end, or use do_shortcode('[ajax-file-upload ..]') in your PHP templates, or the built-in function ajax_file_upload( $args ) for which you should set the settings as an array in the 1 function parameter (those act like shortcode attributes, in case of confusion).

Some featues:

  • Upload any type of media as long as your settings allow, nice and easy

  • Set file extensions to let limit the uploads to only custom extensions, like for instance images (jpg,png,gif,bmp..)

  • Set maximum upload size and when a user tries to upload a larger file, they will get a notice (which you can totally customize)

  • Custom permission to upload, you can choose to allow uploads to certain user role, or logged-in users only, or everyone!

  • Fully extensible, and creates custom JavaScript events which you can hook into to get the upload data settings, response, file, and much more (view docs)

You can always switch between settings from a shortcode to another, you are not obliged to use the same settings, but when a shortcodes settings are empty or the unique identifier attribute is not set then in this case, the default settings (you can change them in the admin) will be used.

Also, supports child theme. You can copy the entire plugin folder to your child theme and there modify the JavaScript, CSS, and even the shortcode template and other files. Basically any file except the main loader file.

This is totally free and open source plugin. You can contribute to it, fork it on Github, include it in your project and much more and always feel free to do so. Licensed under GNU GPL, just like major WordPress plugins and WordPress itself.

If you liked it, please leave us a useful review here on WordPress, share around the social media and star the Github repository. Thank you in advance!

More useful documentation can be found on Github and you can contact me anytime from this contact form:



From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for AJAX File Upload, select this plugin and install and active.
  3. Assuming youre done, you should be redirected to the about page initially on first install.

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