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Inspired by the Meta question How can I download my content from a beta site?.

Intended as a mean to export all of a persons participation in a Stack Exchange site. When viewing the page, one can print or export as HTML/PDF using the browser and system capabilities.
The maximum number of posts per page is 100 and thats a SE API limitation.

If the users Answers are being viewed, the plugin will show 100 Questions per page with the users Answer bellow it.

If the users Questions are being viewed, the plugin will show 100 Questions per page with all the Answers given.

Check the twin plugin Stack Posts Widget.

Translations: Espaol.




Extract the zip file and upload the contents to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation, and then activate the plugin from plugins page.


The plugin doesnt saves any option in the database. When de-activating the plugin, it deletes its template from the active theme folder. Theres no uninstall procedure.


  • After installed and activated, the plugin creates a template in the theme folder.

  • Create a new page and select the template Stack Q&As.

  • The plugin meta box only appears when this template is selected.

  • In the plugins custom meta box, select the Site, User ID, Posts per page (max. 100) and Enable caching.

Dont hesitate to open a support thread.

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