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This plugin enables a user with the administrator role the ability to comment on any post or page, even if the comments for that post or page are closed. When the plugin is active, this behavior is automatically enabled.

Administrators can be explicitly prevented from commenting on specific posts via two approaches:

  • When creating or editing a post, in the Prevent Admin Comments metabox (in the block editor) or the Discussion metabox (in the classic editor) there is a checkbox labeled Prevent administrators from commenting that only administrators can access. Checking the checkbox will prevent administrators from commenting on the post even though this plugin is active. (If the metabox isnt visible for you when using the classic editor, then expand the Screen Options slide-down panel on the upper-right of the page.)
  • Programmatically, via the use of the c2c_admin_can_always_comment_disable filter. This can be used be provide more fine-grained access control and contextual handling. See the Hooks section for documentation on the filters use.

Links: Plugin Homepage | Plugin Directory Page | GitHub | Author Homepage

Developer Documentation

Developer documentation can be found in That documentation covers the hooks provided by the plugin.

As an overview, these are the hooks provided by the plugin:

  • c2c_always_allow_admin_comments_disable : Customizes if comments should actually be disabled for a particular admin user.
  • c2c_always_allow_admin_comments_post_types: Customizes which post types are supported by the plugin.



  1. Install via the built-in WordPress plugin installer. Or install the plugin code inside the plugins directory for your site (typically /wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins admin menu in WordPress



Yes, though not entirely. The primary functionality of the pluginallowing administrators to always comment on postsworks regardless of the post editor being used. However, the checkbox that allows the plugin to be disabled on a per-post basis (in order to actively prevent administrators from being able to comment on the post) is currently only available in the classic editor. This is unlikely to affect most users.


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