AP SMS Manager



Have you ever wanted to send SMS to your contacts without worrying about gateway lock-ins?
Then AP SMS Manager is what you need.
You can pick from our list of partner gateways like Twilio, Nexmo, etc. but you are not bound to any of them.
At the point of sending the message, you can simply pick any pre-registered gateway of your choice.

Major features in AP SMS Manager include:

  • Dashboard with charts that show the state of your sms platform
  • You can add contacts by either uploading a csv/txt file, or typing the numbers one by one. You can also scan your website for installed plugins like Woocommerce and sync the collected phone numbers.
  • You can identify contacts by their groups for easier management.
  • Delivery reports of sent/delivered messages.
  • Full control of color themes used all through the plugin.



  1. Upload the AP SMS Manager to your website.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Start adding/uploading contacts.
  4. Register your preferred gateway.
  5. Send your SMS Message!


The plugin supports several gateways right out of the gate. In all honesty, we pick the first few ones we could find.
If your prefered gateway is not currently supported, raise a new topic topic in the forum, with its name and url, and we will do our best to integrate it into the plugin for you.
Or you can quickly shoot us a mail at [email protected]

The plugins make use of some cutting-edge features of the PHP Language, so yeah, we currently support 7.2 and above. Besides, some of the integrated gateways demand the use of higher versions of the PHP.
Finally, we think it is in your best interest to upgrade. You get to have the speed and added security at little to no cost.
If you are having trouble upgrading, maybe we can help. Shoot us a mail at [email protected]

To stay on the cutting edge, we have to use the best and the greatest tools available right now.
And this decision was made easy for us when we considered that AP SMS Manager is not meant to be used directly
by your users.
This plugin is meant for you, the site owner.

And we decided that instead of bloating the codebase with extra fluffy browser-backward polyfills, we would
rather encourage you to use some of the most modern browsers today. Like Chrome, Firefox, etc. This means, no,
this plugin is not being supported in Internet Exploral*s

We believe we will know more about how you use this plugin in the coming days, and such, we will keep updating
this FAQs.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to make known your concerns, use-cases, bug reports, features suggestions, etc
either on the forum or by sending us a mail directly here: [email protected]

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