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We all love chatting and use Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Discord, Slack. Why not discuss the contents of websites in the form of chatting? In modern days we can only use some commenting plugins. Discussions in a chat under post is innovation. Some says it is more convenient and more alive then comments.

 ApeTail replaces usual comments with an advanced chatting system.


✅ Main public chat room for a web project and custom chat rooms, which can be generated automatically under articles or with the special command by admins.
✅ Private chats among users. Put the button titled Support on the web page which directs to the private chat room of a concrete person.
✅ Twitter-like stream with filters which lets you follow all related messages from many sources.
✅ Innovative for chats ability to reply directly to messages, creating individual flows. This brings more structure oriented communication amplifying sub-contexts of a chat.
✅ Fast guest registration with 1 click (actually it is a full registration as a user, but simplified).
✅ Create closed group chats and invite your community members.
✅ Notifications everywhere lets keep things alive.
✅ Stamping emoticons on messages, like in Discord.
✅ Styling appearance of own messages (lets easily to identify who sent a message)
✅ Be admin of your host, delegate admin rights which allow to ban and unban users.
✅ 30+ commands to manage things

▶️Chat trigger buttons

ApeTail offers a fixed trigger button with unread messages notification which opens the widget frame on top of the pages content accessing to the main public chat room or to private chat room (maybe to owners of the web site). Such button is located on not post pages.

▶️The Network

All ApeTail widgets are united to one network. If a user signed up to ApeTail in one web site, they will have their setting on other websites where ApeTail is installed. And, of course, can communicate to users privately who use ApeTail on other web sites and see followed/subscribed chats stream messages from other web sites.


ApeTail may boost discussions of posts contents, because users are able to mention new messages even if they are not on ApeTails widget of your web site and easily jump to chat rooms related to an article on your web site from everywhere.

Web page

The link to web page

Terms of Service

The link to Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

The link to Privacy Policy



From within WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for ApeTail
  3. Activate ApeTail Communication System from your Plugins page.


Unzip to /wp-content/plugins directory, activate and change some settings if needed.
Do not forget use the command #iamadmin after signing up.
To avoid conflicts, deactivate other plugins that replace standard comments.

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