Appilix – Android App Builder for your WordPress Blog or News site



Appilix is an Free Android App Builder for WordPress Blog or News Website. Build Android App for your WordPress blog or news website without any coding experience.

Building Android App for WordPress blog or news site is super easy.

â–¶ Visit Appilix:

Features that made Appilix the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress app builder in the market:
* No coding required
* Real-time Layout Design
* Push Notification
* App Color Customization to match your WordPress Site
* Real-time WordPress Sync
* Fast build time

Simple Steps to Build your App

There are many softwares or plugins to convert your site into Android App, but none of them provide such easy and fast app building service.

â–¶ Video Tutorial:
1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/appilix directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
2. Create an App on
3. Connect to WordPress by clicking the Sync button. No need to install the plugin again as it is already installed
4. Setup Logo and Splash Screen
5. Customize Layout Design to manage how your app should look
6. Finally Build and Download the APK



Yes, definitely.

Yes, We have pro subscription with various features.

Woocommerce is not supported yet. That means we do not provide service to create an ecommerce app for your ecommerce site. But we are working on it as a future service and will be included into Appilix under different subscription package.

Absolutely not. Just like your normal website visitors, everything depends on the number of your App users as app will communicate directly with your website.

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