Appointify App, is the first Appointments Planner for WordPress, for Busy Enterpreneurs and Founders. Appointify allows you to share your calendar and have your funnel start by others planning appointments on top of it with their own calendar authorized!

Appointify App is built to work out of the box. Simply install the plugin, configure your settings, and start creating events in minutes. Whether your vision is big or small, youre in good company. Hundreds of thousands of Founders & Enterpreneurs are publishing and building their Funnel, Organize their Day and Plan their next move with Appointify App. Our plugins have also been scaled to work on large networks for Fortune 100 companies, universities, and government institutions.


Our feature-rich plugin comes with everything you need to create and manage your appointments.

✔️ Rapidly create Appointments
✔️ Saved Calendar Events
✔️ Calendar month view with tooltips
✔️ Google Calendar Connection
✔️ Day view
✔️ Block Editor support
✔️ Completely ajaxified for super smooth browsing
✔️ Completely responsive from mobile to tablet to desktop
✔️ Tested on the major theme frameworks such as Avada, Divi, Enfold, Genesis, and many more.

What we are planning to add!

✔️ Appointment Search
✔️ Notifications through SMS and WhatsApp
✔️ Notify your Appoiintment through Email & SMS
✔️ Daily Planning Reminder
✔️ Google Calendar and iCal exporting
✔️ WP REST API endpoints


For any support questions, pelase do email us at [email protected]



  1. Upload appointify.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Place [appointify_frontend] in your wordpress page to display.


Yes user can create event.

Yes it is.

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