ArtistPress is a easy to use, flexible and free WordPress plugin for artists. You can use the built-in shortcodes to create a professional artist bio page, show listing, and photo galleries without any code.

You can easily create an artist profile page including photo, bio and contact information. You can create a list of upcoming events or shows that includes Google Maps integration to provide event locations and driving directions. You can also create photo galleries to show off your work or highlights photographs from your shows.


  • Shortcodes functionality for creating all of the ArtistPress pages.
  • Built-in WordPress theme templates for advanced users.
  • Single artist profile including photo, bio and contact information
  • Photos galleries and albums
  • Unlimited Venues
  • Unlimited Events on event listing
  • Google Maps API integration with Google [API key]
  • Driving directions to events when using Google Maps feature
  • Use the plugin settings to show as little or as much information as you want to your fans

ArtistPress Pro and ArtistPress Community are premium upgrades that, when completed, will add the ability to add playlists,


  • Use [artistpress-artist id=X] to display the the Artist Profile. The id is the post ID for the Artist post.
  • Use [artistpress-show-list] to display the list of shows you have created.
  • Use [artistpress-show id=X] to display an individual show. The id is the post ID for the Show post.
  • Use [artistpress-gallery id=X] to display an individual gallery. The id is the post ID for the Gallery post.
  • Use [artistpress-gallery-album term=X] to display an album of galleries. The term is the Album slug.

ArtistPress Pro

When development is complete, ArtistPress Pro will add playlist functionality allowing you to publish up to 5 playlists on your site using a simple shortcode. It will also add a social sharing tool for the some of the leading social media services, including Facebook, Twitter, and Behance.

ArtistPress Community

When development is complete, ArtistPress Community will allow you add unlimited artists and unlimited playlists, making it the perfect tool for a club, band manager, or art gallery.




  1. Upload artist-press to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Click on the new menu item ArtistPress to get started.
  4. Click on the Settings sub menu under ArtistPress to adjust settings.
  5. Start adding artist details, venues, and shows.
  6. To use the Google Maps functionality, you will need to get a Google Maps API Key
  7. Documentation to use ArtisPress is in the works at


A. As this is a new and growing project I ask that you are patient with me. Answers to your questions can be found at . If you have any concerns with ArtistPress or feel you need to leave a bad review, please contact me first at [email protected] I will make every effort possible to get your question answered.

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