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Authorized Store is a retailer/brand vetting service. We confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of a retailer/store by verifying their dealer status with the brands/manufacturers that they post and sell in their online stores.

The Authorized Store Retailer Seal of Integrity can be used as an extension/plugin or via direct seal code placement. Once installed, the seal and certificate verifies that the retailer/store has been vetted and approved for all brands carried, as Authorized by brands/manufacturers.

The Authorized Store seal displays retailer/store status as Active, including name and date. When the seal is clicked, a certificate pops up displaying approval process, approval requirements and consumer assurances. A link to the Retailer/Store Profile, located at Authorized Store provides consumers with a complete retailer/store provided description and listed credentials.

The Seal is for retailer/store use in the United States or Canada, only.

Why should your store have an Authorized Store Seal of Integrity and why is it different?

  • Seal, Certificate and Profile identifies your e-store as Authorized for all brands.
  • Get more sales/conversions through increased consumer confidence.
  • Measure success with Certificate and Profile impressions via retailer analytics.

Most certification seals provide information related to the safe use and/or credibility of a website. These include seals that let consumers know if a site is secure from viruses and malware, seals that signify that an online store checkout process is secured by HTTPS SSL and seals that track/post consumer reviews/ratings. Oddly enough, non of these seals inform consumers that they are, most importantly, buying authentic products from an authorized source.

Gray Market or Diverted products are sold through numerous distribution channels. These channels include e-commerce stores/websites and/or well recognized sites like Amazon. Its almost impossible for a consumer to identify a legitimate source. Not anymore! An Authorized Store seal and certificate ensures consumers that they are buying authentic products from a vetted, manufacturer authorized retailer/store.

Authorized Store Site



  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Configure plugin.

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