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Testimonials are often crucial part of a company website but fitness and wellness professionals know they are particularly important in conveying the value of their service. The problem is, it takes so much time and effort to organize all of the information and publish on websites in a consistent and professional way when you have dozens or even hundreds of them. Shingo Suzumura and his fitness web design team at Fitness Website Formula developed this plugin from the ground up to help fitness professionals showcase their work better as a strong form of social proof.

With this Fitness Testimonials plugin, you can quickly create wellness and fitness driven websites that directly convey the value of your service without any web design skills like coding and photoshop.

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Better Ways to Showcase Testimonials

Although this plugin is built primarily for fitness web design, its features makes it a useful plugin for general testimonials, reviews, and case studies on variety of sites. Main features include:

  • Showcase Before and After images of your work to convey the value of your products and services. Resize & edit photos without affecting original versions.
  • Post testimonials without any design or coding knowledge. Choose from various layouts: Text only, Single image, Before/After transformation, Video and your own custom.
  • Embed your social proof (testimonials, reviews, and case studies) anywhere you want within your site (i.e. posts, pages, and widgets). Use built-in editor tool button quickly insert shortcodes.
  • SEO friendly (more on this below)
  • Fully Responsive Design

Save Time

  • Let the plugin automatically resize your photos and format them to display nicely.
  • Manage dozens or even hundreds of testimonials with group categorization, filters, and drag & drop ordering.


  • Promote your showcased work with Facebook Like buttons, and custom call-to-action (i.e. sign up buttons)

SEO Friendly

  • Control search engine visibility by using a javascript display option. W3C valid mark ups, and no inline styles in CSS

In Your Language

  • We made your the plugin is fully translation ready and we hope to have it translated in many languages. If you are good at translating and would like to contribute, please let us know.

Feature Requests and Updates



  1. Upload the entire fitness-testimonials folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. You will find Testimonials menu in your WordPress admin panel under Settings.

Visit our site for usage examples and demos.


Usage Examples and Documentation

To insert testimonial(s) within another content (i.e. pages), look for a blue toolbar icon when you are in the Visual editor mode. If you use visual composer plugin, you will need to switch back to the WordPress editing mode first.

Your shortcode will look similar to:

[fitness-testimonials id=1? limit=10? excerpt=true javascript=true random=true like_button=top ]
  • id is your testimonial group ID number (Required)
  • limit sets a maximum number of testimonials to display (Optional)
  • excerpt plugin uses a short testimonial instead of the full version if found (Optional)
  • javascript testimonials will be generated by Javascript, which prevents search engines from caching your content if you need to use for SEO (Optional)
  • random testimonials will be displayed in an random order (Optional)
  • like_button adds (Optional)

You can also embed it manually in your PHP file:


You can simply add/insert it into the WordPress text editor box.

You have simple options under the Style tab as well as Advanced tab for more advanced users.

Currently you can only add up to 2 images.

You can copy single-testimonial.php from the fitness-testimonials/includes/ folder to your own theme folder and make any edits there. The plugin looks for it in your theme folder first and then the plugin folder.

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