Background with Particle.js



Create an awesome Particle Banner using the particles.js JavaScript library to add cool particle effects to any WordPress page.

Fully customizable you can control everything from the dashboard with a graphical interface, no need to create a JSON file, just insert suitable values to create beautiful particle effects on your website.


  1. No configuration file needed, hassle free intrigation
  2. Customize everything from Dashboard
  3. Easy and understandable user guideline
  4. Multiple Demo configuration
  5. To display the particle js background select the page template as Particle Background or use the shortcode [particlejs-banner].



You may install the plugin using the three following method:

  1. Upload the plugin file to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Pasete the short code ([particlejs-banner]) where you want to display the particle banner or select Particle Background as Page template
  4. Configure your settings from Dashboard-> ParticleJs Banner and Save the Settings
  5. Open the page and enjoy the Particle js effect


No Need to create configuration file, everything is configurable from wordpress Dashboard, just go to Dashboard-> ParticleJs Banner and configure accordingly.

Go to Dashboard-> ParticleJs Banner, you will get a separate section for text and Call to action button configuration. Change the title, description and call to action button as per necissity.

Login to WordPress dashboard and click ParticleJs Banner then you can change everything from the relevent section. It is quite self explenatory.

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