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Missing crumbs? Find them with Breadcrumbs Everywhere! This plugin adds breadcrumb trail navigation to BuddyPress. Simple, just add one line of code to your template. You dont need to use it, but there is an admin feature, too.

Included languages:

  • English
  • German (-DE)
  • French (-FR)
  • Spanish (-ES)
  • Italian (-IT)
    Dove photo credit: Boegh.



  • Upload the breadcrumbs-everywhere folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  • Add this function anywhere in your BuddyPress template, typically in header.php:

  • Thats it!


No, Breadcrumbs Everywhere requires a BuddyPress installation. However, it does show breadcrumbs on the WordPress pages and posts that are part of your BuddyPress website.

Breadcrumbs Everywhere works as a one step template tag using the BuddyPress default page names: Members, Groups, Activity, and Forums. If you have renamed these pages the plugin will use your custom names instead. Additionally, an admin feature is available to change these default settings (possibly with more options in the future):

  • Text for the Home link
  • Text for the Blog link
  • Text for the breadcrumb divider

From the WordPress admin menu, go BuddyPress > Breadcrumbs Everywhere.

Trails to Level 5 Actions (i.e. Home > Members > Admin > Messages > Sent) are possible, but they are not activated by default. See /includes/crumbs-core.php for customization instructions.

Including a Home link on your Home page (or a Blog link on your main Blog page) is possible, but this is not activated by default. See /includes/crumbs-core.php for customization instructions.

Post any questions in the WordPress forum, on the plugin page, or track me down by email via my website.

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