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Supported WooCommerce versions: 1.1.x 5.x
**Supported WP e-Commerce versions: 3.6.x 3.15.1 **

WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce Migration plugin by Cart2Cart helps store owners transfer their store database between the platforms without tech skills, programming, or manual data manipulations. You are only expected to provide your WP e-Commerce and WooCommerce stores details (to enable data exchange between them), choose the entities you want to migrate and Cart2Cart will handle the migration.

WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce Migration Plugin by Cart2Cart. How It Works

To start WP e-Commerce database migration, theres no need to dive into codes and scripts. Migration setup with the WP e-Commerce data migration tool by Cart2Cart is easy and requires no technical expertise:
Provide the details of both of your stores and install the Connection Bridges to enable data transition across them.
Choose the data youd like to migrate and additional options to refine the migration result.
Run a Free Demo migration (optional) or launch Full Migration.

WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce Migration module by Cart2Cart is free to download and install. After installation, you will be offered 2 migration options:

  1. Demo migration (free) the plugin will export a limited amount of items from your WP e-Commerce store and import them to your live WooCommerce website (it lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.)
  2. Full Migration (paid) move an unlimited amount of data from your current WP e-Commerce to the new WooCommerce store (usually it takes a few hours).

Benefits You Get When Using WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce Migration plugin by Cart2Cart:

  • Stay focused on business running
    Automation with the WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce importer, you are able to reduce the complex transfer process to a few easy steps.
  • Save money
    Switching from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce via the plugin is 5-10 times cheaper than paying a developer.
  • Stay uptime during the switch
    The store data transfer is performed on the Cart2Cart servers, so you can keep selling products to your customers throughout the entire replatforming process.

How Much Does It Cost to Migrate With WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce Migration plugin by Cart2Cart?

Full Migration minimum charge is $29. The final price depends on the number of entities you choose to transfer from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce and the extra options. You can use the Cart2Cart Migration Estimator to calculate the exact cost of your specific migration case.

Data you can move from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce:

  • Products Options (Name, Price), Attributes (Name, Values), Name, SKU, Short Description, Full Description, Status, Price, Sale Price, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Weight, Width, Height, Depth, Product Tags, Variants ( SKU, Attributes, Quantity, Price, Special Price), Base Image, Additional Images, Quantity, Manage Stock.
  • Product Categories Name, Description, Image, URL, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords.
  • Customers First Name, Last Name, Email, Website, Passwords, Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone), Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
  • Orders ID , Order Date, Order Status, Custom Order Status, Order Products (Name, SKU, Option, Image), Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Order Comments, Customer Name, Email, Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone), Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
  • Coupons Status, Coupon Code, Coupon Date, Coupon From Date, Uses Per Coupon, Type Discount, Discount Amount, Product, Coupon Expire Date.

Extra Migration Options to Refine the Migration Result:

  • Migrate WP e-Commerce customer passwords to WooCommerce store
  • Create the 301 redirects on the WooCommerce store after migration
  • Preserve order IDs on the WooCommerce store
  • Move WooCommerce images store products descriptions, categories descriptions, and blog posts descriptions to new WooCommerce



  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Log in your WordPress admin panel
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Browse. Pick Cart2Cart plugin and click Install Now button.
  4. Activate it by clicking Activate plugin.
  5. Find Cart2Cart plugin on the left side menu. Register Cart2Cart account and proceed with the migration setup.


Yes, of course. With the WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce service by Cart2Cart, you can transfer your WP e-Commerce store customers passwords, provided that the store has default settings and no custom code modifications have been made.

Yes, Cart2Cart supports the migration of the credit card information in case such data were provided by customers. Billing and shipping addresses information will be moved successfully too.

Yes, Cart2Cart supports metadata migration across these shopping carts. More specifically, you can transfer meta titles, keywords, and descriptions to your new WooCommerce store. However, keep in mind that the WordPress SEO Plugin (its free) is installed before the migration.

Yes, the Cart2Cart service allows merchants to preserve their current order IDs when migrating to the WooCommerce platform. However, in order to do that successfully, you need to install the free WooCommerce Sequential Order Number module and choose the Preserve order IDs on the Target Store option on the appropriate Migration Wizard step.

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