CBX Restaurant Booking



CBX Restaurant Booking plugin helps to create booking form and collect restaurant table booking. Strong admin panel to see booking logs, professsional looking
email template for admin and customer booking alert. You can manage booking as per branch and booking form. Shortcode powered booking form and more powerful features
like frontend Booking logs manager, multiple branch and multiple forms etc via free and pro addons.

CBX Restaurant Booking by Codeboxr

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Note: Free version has almost all feature needed for a complete table booking system.

 ‍ Main Backend Admin Feature:

  • Global Setting Panel. Can be extended via addon plugin.
  • Booking Form Manager. Multiple form can be enabled via pro addon.
  • Branch Manager. Multiple branch can be enabled via pro addon.
  • Filter Forms by Branch
  • Single click ajax powered Booking form enable/disable without deactivating the plugin.
  • Individual Booking form setting, can be extended via addon plugin. See more Details about booking form setting section.
  • Booking Log Manager. Filter booking logs via Booking Forms and Branches, Status and Dates etc.
  • One click Shortcode copy

⚙️ Global Settings:

  • Default Form Setting
  • Form submit Refresh or Ajax
  • Form Show after successful submission yes/no
  • how Credit Under Form- yes/No
  • Global Email Template
  • Email Header Image
  • Email common Footer text
  • Base Color
  • Background Color
  • Body Background Color
  • Body Text Color
  • Tools
  • On Uninstall delete plugin data yes/no

 Booking Form Settings:

  • Booking Form Style
  • Minimum Party Size
  • Maximum Party Size
  • Name Required- yes/no
  • Email Required- yes/no
  • Phone Required- yes/no
  • Phone Required- yes/no
  • Custom Message after successful form submission
  • Guest user email activation -yes/no
  • Default Booking Status
  • Banned Email
  • Banned IP Address
  • Custom Text Before Form
  • Custom Text After Form
  • Booking Schedule
  • Scheduling as per week days with time slot(Repeat field)
  • Scheduling Exception as per day with time slot(Repeat field)
  • Early Booking
  • Late booking
  • Date Pre-Selection
  • Time Interval
  • Week Starts on
  • Email Alert(Admin)-New Booking Request
  • Admin Email alert -on/off
  • All possible options related to email
  • Email Alert(User)-New Booking Request
  • User Email alert -on/off
  • All possible options related to email*
  • Booking Cancel & Email Alert
  • Booking cancel on/off
  • Booking Cancel request alert to admin if requested by user
  • Booking Canceled alert to user if admin cancel any booking or confirm any booking cancel request
  • Misc
  • Form submit Refresh or Ajax
  • Form Show after successful submission yes/no
  • Show Credit Under Form- yes/No
  • Booking Limit enable/disable
  • Count for booking limit
  • Booking limit crossed custom message

 ‍ Branch Manager:

  • Branch Name
  • Branch Description
  • Branch Address

 Booking Logs:

  • Backend listing of all booking logs
  • Filter option by: All, Upcoming, Previous, Today & Between dates
  • Filter option by all booking status
  • Filter by Form and Branch
  • Admin option to edit any booking and take actions

 Shortcode Usages:

Shortcode Format: [cbxrbooking id="form id here"]


  • ➡️ Classic Wedget
  • ➡️ Elementor support
  • ➡️ WPBackery(VC) Support

Our Core plugin is free and will always be free. To extends the features we have 2 Pro addon called CBX Restaurant Booking Pro Addon & CBX Restaurant Booking Frontend Manager Addon
Using the pro addons you have added some cool features and more controls.

 CBX Restaurant Booking Pro Features

 Get the pro addon

Pro Addons:

Special Note

Please noe that the plugins text domain is cbxrbooking, not cbx-restaurant-booking . also please note that, plugins folder slug or folder name is cbx-restaurant-booking , which means the plugins folder name and text domain is not same and no need to be confused any way.




This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload cbxrbooking folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. You can from wordpress dashboard plugin manager by searching CBX Restaurant Booking


The plugins architecture is designed to provide support for multiple form with individual setting but in free version only one form is support

Free version doesnt has this support but you can try our pro addon.

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