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This plugin add ChatMe Shortcode to WordPress.

For more information, check out and webchat.

Special Thanks:

  • Neustradamus for french translation
  • To my professor for moral support
  • To my sister for having tolerated
  • My doctor for support
  • My work for the economic support

Hand-crafted, and made with love, in Rosolina, Italy.

For Every request visit our Forum

See FAQ Section for list of available ShortCode


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload this directory to your plugins directory. It will create a wp-content/plugins/chatmeim-mini/ directory or install it via the plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


ShortCode [userStatus user=users link=1? hosted=0?] for show the status of ChatMe user.
user = The ChatMe User with or domain
link = For show a link to user, can is: 1 for show the link or 0 for not show.
hosted = set 1 for hosted domain

ShortCode [chatRoom anon=1?] for show the chat Room login form, set anon=1? for anonymous form and anon=0? for login with username.

ShortCode [chatRoomIframe room=room width=width height=height hosted=0?] for show chat room frame in page and post, set room= with room name (default piazza), set width= for width (default 100%) and height= for height (default 100%), set hosted=1? for use with hosted domain.

ShortCode [swatchTime] for show Internet Swatch Time

Other ShortCode will be available soon with plugin update.

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