Column-Matic easily inserts columns into posts and pages by wrapping content with a snappy shortcode. Useful for sites with a magazine or newspaper style layout, Column-Matic shortcode wraps content in cozy columns. Content can also be separated so that text and images are displayed on opposite sides of a post or page. Visit the Twinpictures Plugin Oven | Colum-Matic | Documentation for a complete listing of shortcode options, even a few examples that might delight and even inform. Free Community Support is available.



  1. Old-school: upload the column-matic folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP. Hipster: Add the Column-Matic via the WordPress Plugins menu.
  2. Activate the Plugin
  3. Test that the this plugin meets your demanding needs.
  4. Tweak the theme css files for premium enjoyment.
  5. Rate the plugin and verify that it works at
  6. Leave a comment regarding bugs, feature request or cocktail recipes at


[column class=column1?]Column 1 content goes here.[/column] [column class=column2?]Column 2 content goes here.[/column] [end_columns] Note: .column1 and .column2 must be defined in your themes style.css

[column width=200px padding=10px]Column 1 content goes here.[/column] [column width=200px padding=10px]Column 2 content goes here.[/column] [column width=200px padding=10px]Column 3 content goes here.[/column] [end_columns]

This is due to WordPress processing the wonky wpautop function before processing shortcodes. For a quick workaround, try the following:

  1. Change execution priority of wpautop by adding the following line to function.php:
    add_filter( the_content, wpautop,20 );

  2. Remove breaks and spaces between the shortcodes, so the the columns appear all clumped together:
    [column class=column1?]Column 1 content goes here.[/column][column class=column2?]Column 2 content goes here.[/column][end_columns]

Yes, yes Twinpictures is on Facebook.

Ah yes! @Twinpictures does the twitter tweeting around here.

A complete listing of shortcode options has been provided to answer this exact question.

Community translation for Column-Matic has been set up. You are welcome to join.

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