Comment Tweaks



Comment Tweaks provides enhancements to WordPress native comments.


  • Allow comment authors to edit their own comments
  • Add WP editor (quicktags and/or tinymce) to comments area
  • Filter to customize WP editor settings (buttons/appearance)

Bugs, Patches & Feature Requests

Please submit any security issues found and they will be addressed.

You can submit bug reports or feature requests in the GitHub issue tracker. Patches are preferred as pull requests.

Known Bugs & Compatibility

You can check bug reports in the GitHub issue tracker and check the Changelog for fixes.

  1. Jetpack: if you have Jetpacks comments module enabled, that is what you will get for entering comments, not the wp editor.



WordPress Admin

Go to the Plugins menu in WordPress, click Add New, search for Comment Tweaks, and click Install Now for the Comment Tweaks plugin. Once installed, click Activate.

Plugin Upload

An alternative to installing via the WordPress admin page is to upload the plugin to the WordPress installation on your web server.

  1. Upload the plugin (the entire comment-tweaks directory and everything in it) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


Yes. The editor added to comments will be the WP editor (quicktags and/or tinymce), not Gutenberg.

Yes, the plugin settings are under Settings > Discussion > Comment Editing.

Customizing the editor settings is possible using a filter, there is currently no settings page for this.

You can use the comment_tweaks_editor_settings filter to customize the appearance of WP editor.

 array(             'toolbar1'      => 'bold,italic,underline,bullist,numlist,aligncenter,blockquote,link,undo,redo',             'plugins'       => 'charmap,colorpicker,hr,lists,paste,tabfocus,textcolor,fullscreen,wordpress,wpautoresize,wpeditimage,wpemoji,wpgallery,wplink,wptextpattern,media',             'relative_urls' => true,         ),         'quicktags'    => false,     );      return $settings;  }, 10, 2);  ?> 

Yes, the Add Media button can be enabled using custom settings for the WP editor, allowing site users to access media.

 true,         'tinymce'      => array(             'media_buttons' => true,             'toolbar1'      => 'bold,italic,underline,bullist,numlist,aligncenter,blockquote,link,undo,redo',             'plugins'       => 'charmap,colorpicker,hr,lists,paste,tabfocus,textcolor,fullscreen,wordpress,wpautoresize,wpeditimage,wpemoji,wpgallery,wplink,wptextpattern,media',             'relative_urls' => true,         ),         'quicktags'    => array(             'buttons'       => 'strong,em,ul,ol,li,block,link,img,close',         ),     );      return $settings;  }, 10, 2);  ?> 

Correct, enabling the Add Media button allows users to add content and markup to the comments, but it does not change how that content is interpretted and displayed by your theme. You can alter comments display to process shortcodes, but be very careful not to create a security vulnerability.

If anonymous users can add comments, and those comments are processed to execute shortcodes, you can easily allow anonymous users with many ways to abuse your site.

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