Convatic is a revolutionary social commenting system for websites. This plugin overlays and plays nicely with themes and other plugins. The idea behind Convatic is freedom. Freedom builds communities. Convatic promotes and engages visitors turning websites into vibrant communities.

  • Store comments within your website and completely own them.
  • Use Akismet for spam protection.
  • Commenter ratings Users can up and down vote comments affecting commenter rating across the Convatic network of sites. This promotes good commenting and helps your visitors decipher bad comments.
  • Signup freedom Commenters create profiles across the Convatic community by simply writing a comment. Registration and commenting are combined to streamline conversations. Commenters have the option to password protect their email. Password protection is optional since most people just want to comment.
  • Allow commenters to subscribe to email notifications for comment threads


  1. Upload the plugin folder to wp-content/plugins. Usually, WordPress does this for you automatically.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. In the admin panel, go to Comments > Convatic. Insert your Convatic site key into the settings page. Dont have a site key? Get one.

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