Cookie Tasting



This plugin sets user cookie when user is logged in.
You can use cookie as data store,
so you can use it as UI resource.


This plugin adds class to html element.

  • ct-logged-in The current user is logged in.
  • ct-not-logged-in The current user is anonymous.

You can control elements visibility with CSS.

.some-element{   display: none; } .ct-logged-in .some-element{   display: block; }

From JavaScript

You can use Global Object CookieTasting for utility.

  • CookieTasting.userName() Returns user name. If not logged in, returns Guest.
  • CookieTasting.lastUpdated() Returns timestamp of last log in check. If this equals 0, it means that user is anonymous.

Besides that, this plugin checks periodically log-in status.
You can handle it with jQuery.

jQuery( document ).on( 'cookie.tasting', function( event, response ) {   if ( response.login ) {     // User is logged in.     // If you use React...     setAttributes({ name: CookieTasting.userName() })   } else {     // User is not logged in.   } } );

If you use react or something, updated the status with setState().

Check Before Action

If you manage cached WordPress and customizing your own theme,
Its a good idea to implement dynamic UI components with JavaScript.

You can check users credential just before important actions.

// Click action for button. $('.read-more').click( function( e ) {   e.preventDefault();   // Check cookie before do something.   CookieTasting.testBefore().then( function( response ) {     // Now user has fresh information.     // Load premium contents.     loadPremiumContents();   }).catch( function( response ) {     // This user is not logged in.     // Redirect them to login page.     window.locaion.href = '/wp-login.php';   } ); } );

Plese remember adding dependency for cookie-tasting-heartbeat to your script.

Handle UUID

By default, this plugin set UUID for each user. This will be

  • Unique for each logged in user and will be saved as user_meta.
  • Also kept for anonymous user.

So you can use it for Google Analytics User ID View.

const uuid = CookieTasting.get( 'uuid' ); // For Google Analytics. ga( 'set', "userId", uid );


  • Download zip file and unpack it.
  • Upload the directory to wp-content/plugins.
  • Go to WordPress admin screen and activate this plugin.

Recommendation: Search on WordPress admin screen and install it.


This plugin is hosted on Github.
Please feel free to make issue or send pull requests.

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