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Create a restaurant menu is a WordPress plugin that lets you create a food menu and food item block inside your WordPress website with ease. This plugin is built taking input from Indian, Thai, and Chinese restaurants. It works on any well-built WordPress themes and is easy to configure. Almost all aspect of the menu is customizable according to the WordPress theme color and your website profile.
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* Restaurant main two-column menu template (CRM Full Menu).
* Restaurant menu Gutenberg block for the pages and the posts.
* Different serving portion prices and changing the total cost section.
* Different serving portion calorie count.
* Customize the menu background color.
* Customize menu title color and font size.
* Show the spicy level of the food represented by red hot chilly where 5 is highest.
* Customize individual food item background color.
* Customize individual food item title and description color.
* Customize individual food item title and description font size.
* Add options on the food item. For example: Let your customer choose whether they want chicken, beef, or pork.
* Control the additional cost on your provided options.
* If the options are not adequate, you can add extra options with or without additional costs as well.
* Change price color, font, and its the background.
* Select jQuery, Font Awesome, and Bootstrap to run.
* Set your currency symbol.
* Easy allergens configuration and listing.



This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Create Restaurant Menu


  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New and search for Create Restaurant Menu.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress.
  3. Go to admin Restaurant Menu tab and configure.


Upload the plugin from the wp-admin. You will see the plugin icon with the name Restaurant Menu on the left sidebar of the wp-admin. Click on the plugin tab and Follow the instruction on the tab.

Create a page and select CRM Full Menu as a template. Then go the Appearence>>Widgets. You can see CR Menu List Right and CR Menu List Left on the page. Drag and drop the available widget name Restaurant Menu Item on these sidebars. Configure those widgets inside the sidebar.

Go to any page or post. Select Restaurant Menu block from common blocks and configure.

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