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DiviTorque Swiss Army Knife for Divi Builder


DiviTorque is the pioneer of adding problem-solving premium quality modules.

Extend your divi theme functionality with Divi Torque with various modules like Flip Box, Image Carousel, Video Popup, Logo Carousel, Infobox, Divi Card, Image Compare, Business Hour, and Divi alert etc.

Basic Modules

We have built 25+ useful modules and extensions to enhance your Divi Page Building experience.

  1. Advanced Divider Separate your section using fancy dividers.
  2. Advanced Team Display your leading team in various styles using texts, images, and social links.
  3. Divi Alert Display notices, warnings, and attention texts on any websites with alert module.
  4. Animated Gallery Create a animated gallery that will give a stylish look to the website.
  5. Animated Text Showcase text by animation that gives a new outlook to the text content.
  6. Business Hour Showcase office hours for the clients and visitors.
  7. Divi Card An excellent module to demonstrate products, creative posts using a beautiful combination of elements.
  8. CF7 Styler It helps you to style existing Contact Form 7 forms.
  9. Dual Button The dual Button module helps to add two flexible and trendy buttons to Divi webpages.
  10. Flipbox It makes the content more attractive and engaging with an interactive before and after effect.
  11. Gradient Heading Create gradient heading using this module.
  12. Icon Box Icon Box allows you to give a short brief about the services you provide.
  13. Image Carousel Build image carousel using this module which comes with various features.
  14. Image Compare This Divi module is perfect for the image before-after image.
  15. Info Box Built beautiful information boxes using multiple various elements and make a unique type of infobox.
  16. Logo Carousel Showcase brand logos, design logos elegantly into the carousel.
  17. Logo Grid Organize different types of logos on the same grid layout and showcase them to the visitors.
  18. News Ticker Easily add custom news tickers to your site either through divi module.
  19. Number Create outstanding numbers and numbers blocks with diverse styles.
  20. Post List Showcase the post list more organized and elegantly on the web pages.
  21. Review An incredibly powerful module that helps to publish excellent reviews.
  22. Scroll Image Show images in a way that scrolls horizontally or vertically.
  23. Skill Bars Showcase skills and other progressive information by this static module.
  24. Testimonial Elegantly publishing customer reviews on the business website.
  25. Twitter Feed It will help to fetch specific Twitter account feeds on the web pages.
  26. Twitter Feed Carousel This module will help to show twitter feeds into the carousel.
  27. Video Popup It will help to perfectly present the video content into the popup.



Note: This plugin works with Divi. Make sure you have Divi Theme installed.

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress
  3. You can type Brain on your module tabs within Divi editor and all the avialable modules will appear.


Unfortunately, No. Youve to install Divi first. BrainAddons is dependent on Divi Theme/Builder.

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