Don8 is an incredibly easy to use, very straightforward WordPress plugin, used for placing a PayPal donate button on your site. The plugin comes with settings for defining defaults for:

  • Cause,
  • Amount,
  • PayPal email address,
  • Currency
  • Button image

To use, simply place the [don8] shortcode in your content and the settings defaults will be used. Shortcode parameters can be used to override the default settings. Here is an example:

[don8 cause="Adoption Fund" currency="USD" email="[email protected]" amount="10000000000" button=""] 

This example would render a PayPal button which, when clicked on, would take the user to a PayPal screen where they can enter in their payment information to make a donation to [email protected] for $10,000,000,000 towards the Adoption Fund.



  1. Download the latest version
  2. Upload uncompressed package to wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate on the Plugins page in your dashboard
  4. Configure default settings in Settings >Don8


I made this plugin because I spent a good deal of time looking for a donation plugin which was truly simple. I found many, many which were truly great but not SIMPLE. Don8 is intended to be incredibly easy to use and quick to configure.

I would like to incorporate some of the following:

  • Option to show text fields so end users could define things like the amount on their own
  • Alternative payment gateways
  • Added options for displaying the button in other places throughout a site
  • Ability to create an HTML/CSS button

First of all, if you do, I will be completely excited. Nothing makes me want to work on a plugin and make it better more than someone taking the time to tell me theyre using it and have ideas for improvement.

So if you do, the support forum here is fine but posting issues here would be absolutely ideal.

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