Double T Software Webstore Toolbar



Double T Software helps you to sell your products on your own website. This is accomplished through webstore toolbar
using PayPal for payments. The toolbar is flexible and it will not block usage of your website.
Toolbar can be in three states.

1. Default State

Toolbar shows at the bottom of your website listing your products.

2. Maximized State

When user click any product, toolbar will transition into maximized state showing clicked product details.
Clicking more link on default toolbar will also show maximized toolbar with products listed per category. You can change category to browse published products.

3. Collapsed State

Client can choose to collapse toolbar to by clicking minimize button at the bottom right corner and it will minimize to level as shown below. This will be docked to bottom right corner.

Toolbar will maintain its state even when navigating to various pages on your website.



Once you have installed plugin, toolbar will show at the bottom of every page on your website with the message Online store opening soon!
Webstore will show Online store opening soon! message until you have published products.

How To Link Your Store On WordPress Plugin

On WordPress plugins page, click Settings link on Double T Software Webstore Toolbar plugin.
By pasting Merchant Id on this form and saving, you will have your toolbar fully integrated.
Now all need to do is to manage your products on and they will appear on your toolbar.

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