Easy Lightbox – Best Image, Gallery and Video Lightbox for WordPress



Easy Lightbox is the Best Image, Gallery and Video Lightbox plugin for WordPress. This plugin will enable a smooth Lightbox in your WordPress website.

You can add Lightbox functionality in images, gallery, and videos very easily.


  • 100% Responsive.
  • Image, Gallery, and Video Lightbox.
  • Auto Lightbox for Gallery.
  • Touch-swipe Supported.
  • Minimalist & Lightweight.
  • All Major Browsers Supported.
  • Easy to Configure and Use.
  • Friendly Support.

If you like this plugin, please give us 5 Star to encourage for future improvement.



Installing this plugin as regular WordPress plugin.

After install, you are ready to add Lightbox in images. By default, the plugin auto assign WordPress regular gallery with Lightbox. But, you have to use link to attribute as file. Example this gallery shortcode will auto add Lightbox:


If you want to add a lightbox in single image, you just have to use litebox in your link. Example code: .

If you want to add lightbox image image set, just use data-litebox-group="galone" in your link. Example code:


If you want to add video Lightbox, it is same like single Lightbox. Example code: Open Youtube Video

Currently this plugin support 4 video sharing websites.

  1. Youtube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Dailymotion
  4. Kickstarter

Contact with us if you are in trouble for adding Lightbox. Well be happy to help you.

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