FormSpammerTrap for Contact Form 7



Add one simple shortcode added to your Contact Form 7 form to effectively block form spam bots from spamming your Contact Form 7 forms. It does this with effective techniques, not things that dont work like hidden fields, silly questions, irritating Captchas, or more. If an automated bot tries to spam your form, they will get blocked.

It is based on our very successful FormSpammerTrap for Comments plugin, which uses the same techniques to effectively block Contact Form Spammers.

More details about how it all works and a Contact form that uses the same effective spambot-blocking technique is on our Site. Theres a Contact form there that has never been successfully spam-botted (defined as submitting many comments within a very short period of time).



  1. Download the zip file, uncompress, then upload to /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Or download, then upload/install via the Add Plugin page.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. Activation will check to ensure that Contact Form 7 is installed and activated.

  3. Usage information in Settings, FormSpammerTrap for Contact Form 7, Info/Usage.


Just place the shortcode [formspammertrap] in your Contact Form 7 form. Then make sure there is at least one required field in your form. Thats all you have to do! That will block form spammers from using your Contact Form 7 form.

Just place it anywhere in the Contact Form 7 form when you create/edit the contact form. We like to place it at the top to make it easily visible.

More than likely. It only requires Javascript on the client computer and Javascript is needed for WordPress. A message will display asking to enable Javascript if disabled.

Nope. The Info/Usage (Settings) screen just contains information on the plugin, and the shortcodes used.

Check out the Settings page for troubleshootting steps. Or just contact us via the plugins Support page. Or via or .


  • FormSpammerTrap for Comments : enhances comment forms so that bots cant spam your comments. Uses a more clever technique than just hidden fields or captchas or other things that dont always work. Also lets you change the text/headings of the comment form. (We also have a free standalone version; take a look at (thats the page that comment bots will see, but also contains all the info about the trap).

  • URL Smasher : automatically shortens URLs on all URLs in pages/posts.

  • AmazoLinkenator : adds your Amazon Affiliate ID to any Amazon product link in pages/posts/comments. Its your site, so use your Amazon Affiliate ID.

All plugins are free and full-functioned. No premium features. Just search for them on the Add Plugins page.

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