Gravity Forms Táve add-on



Simple add on for Gravity Forms that will take the form input and put it into Tve.

You will need your Tve Studio ID and Secret Key for the settings, and you will need to have already installed Gravity Forms for this add-on to work.

Make a form through Gravity Forms that contains the required fields you want, but they must include a field for FirstName, LastName, Email, JobType. Those four fields are the required fields for your form to work with Tve.

You will then map your fields from Tve to the fields in Gravity Forms.

A special thank you to pussycatdev for providing the inspiration of this plugin, and to the other developers that have contributed code before I got my hands into this.



  1. make sure you have Gravity Forms installed first.
  2. Upload the extracted archive to wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu
  4. Open the plugin settings page Forms -> Settings -> Tve or the settings link on the Plugins page.
  5. Add your Tave Secret Key and Studio ID, If you want extra custom fields add them there too.
  6. Add a feed to map the Tave fields to a pre-existing form from the Forms -> Tve menu link.
  7. Start generating leads!


Yes, simply make sure you add a hidden field that you map to the brand in tave. The hidden field value must either be a Brand ID (seen in the brand editor URL) or the exact name of a brand.

This plugin has not been tested on a multi-site installation, so I cant tell you. Let me know if you find out!

You have mostly likely either not installed Gravity Forms, have installed Gravity Forms after the Tave add-on instead of before, or which has happened, trust me you have installed Contact Form 7 instead of Gravity Forms. If youve done it correctly, it will be an item in the Gravity Forms admin menu (Forms -> Settings in the WordPress admin menu, then click the Tave link under the heading), or you can find it on the Plugins page in front of the Deactivate and Edit links for the plugin.

Visit my Usage & Installation Instructions page for plenty of assistance on getting everything configured to start collecting leads for Tve.

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