GV Excel-Export



A simple and convenient way to export to regular Excel format.
Allows you to export within a limited range of dates.


  • Works with PHP 7.4
  • Works with GravityView forms versions 2.0 and higher. Tested up to 2.9.4
  • Tested with Gravity Forms up to 2.4.23
  • Allows search selection results.
  • Allows filters selection results from Advanced Filter Extension plugin.
  • Allows Override Date Format options for fields type Date.
  • Handles Cyrillic correctly.
  • Each export file name has a time stamp, username and GV form or page title.
  • Pro version have extended features:
    • Option Administrator privileges for each GV Form. Allows to select All Records if the User is an Administrator.
    • Widget Excel-Export Button. In the general list of available GV Widgets. Allows you to add a Excel-Export Button in one click to widgets block, no need to enter Shortcod.
    • Settings of each Fields have Option Alternative Name for Excel. If you specify something in it, then this is the name of the column in the exported table.
    • Manage selection for each Fields: View on Frontend and/ore include Excel.


After Installation and Activation GV Excel-Export, add Custom content widget on GravityView form and place shortcode [gvxl_button_excelexport]



  1. Main option: Enable/Disable on the Settings page GV. Default: Enabled.
  2. Local option: Enable/Disable on the each GV Forms (Sidebar widgets). Default: Enabled.

Each Date field has an option Override Date Format. Use GV (PHP style) notation. These formats will be automatically converted to the correct Excel formats.

To export all records, you can leave the Date from & Date to fields blank. It should be understood that too large amounts of data can consume large resources of your server.

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