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Convert visitors on your website to leads with HappyFox Chat Live chat software for the next generation. Improve conversion rates 10X on your ecommerce store, by integrating with third party apps like Shopify, Google Analytics & more.

Deep integration with WooCommerce boosts your chat and helps you talk to your online visitors with the following:
Have the order history of your visitors
View the Visitors current shopping cart and provide timely, contextual support
View the current orders and corresponding list of items
View the details of order placed by guest users

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Why HappyFox Chat?

Live chat is not just an engagement tool anymore. Its a business to customer communication tool that can help you with customer service, marketing or sales!

  • Chat with multiple customers at the same time, with an amazing, easy to use UI
  • Make every chat data driven and contextual with powerful integrations with third party apps like Google Analytics, Shopify, WordPress & more.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, showing customers history and order details, live cart info.
  • Customizable widget with uploadable profile pictures.
  • Mobile optimized, super light weight widget thats easy on page load time.
  • Automatic smart triggers on custom rules (pages, time spent on page etc)
  • Easy Turn On/Off switch (No more chat offline)
  • Chat transfers (transfer chat to other agents easily)
  • Canned responses (create your own custom pre-built replies to frequent questions)
  • Chat history (see past conversations easily)
  • In-depth analytics
  • Free iOS, Android apps
  • Free HappyFox Chat Reporting apps (iOS, Android)
  • Free native apps (Windows, Mac)
  • Integrated with 20+ apps.

As a Customer support tool

Customer service is not just a department, its everyones job.

Faster chats, happier customers HappyFox Chat is faster and responsive than any other live chat software available today! (1/4th of a second, to be precise). Amazing UI that enables you to do more chats, easily and effectively. No more ten tabs open, everything sits in one single sleek dashboard! Offer a personalized experience by customizing your chat widget colors, profile pictures, custom statuses, chat window titles.. you name it, we got it! No more going offline. Thats so uncool. Switch your status on/off with a simple slider button and the widget appears/disappears on your site automatically. But weve got offline messages, just in case.

Support [email protected] Or Chat at
Twitter @happyfoxchat
HappyFox Chat is the next generation Live Chat software for your website that integrates deeply with apps you already use. Deep integrations makes every chat conversation contextual and relevant letting you convert more visitors to customers.
Install HappyFox Chat now to make live chat more valuable than ever before.
HappyFox Chat now integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce from the Popular plan onwards.
With the WooCommerce integration, your support agents can gain visibility into the details and the statuses of orders placed by customers, on your store.
1. View the history of orders placed by your visitors
2. View the order details
3. View the list of items in each order
4. View the visitors shopping cart details




  1. Login to your WooCommerce account and select WooCommerce menu from the left pane
  2. Select Settings from the resultant drop down menu and click on API tab, Keys/Apps tab
  3. Click on Add key, provide a description for HappyFox Chat integration and generate the API Key
  4. Copy the Consumer key and Consumer secret


  1. Dont have a HappyFox Chat account? Sign up for free
  2. Sign in to HappyFox Chat, go to the Apps section.
  3. Sign in to HappyFox Chat, go to the Apps section
  4. Choose WooCommerce plugin from the list of available plugins and click on Install
  5. Connect HappyFox Chat account by entering the WooCommerce store URL, Consumer key and Consumer secret copied from WooCommerce plugin
  6. You can alter the settings to show the visitors orders and cart contents during a chat
  7. All set! You can now see HappyFox Chat widget live in your WooCommerce site

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