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Content is essential to social selling. We make it easy for your team to swipe the best content in one place and make it sharable through various social channels.

Curate all your sales material, product pages, brochures, press releases, web documents to increase engagement and bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Curate industry news, publish it to the KBucket content hub, and let this content feed your newsletters.

Or use the KBucket content hubs as swipe files to save the best ideas to drive your creativity.

You can also use KBucket hubs as CMS to manage responses for your Dialogflow chatbots.

View the video to see how it all works

To curate the posts for your content hub you will need Kurator, our chrome plugin.(Visit our website, or support tab to get a link to download Kurator)

Kurator makes it easy to curate, comment, edit, organize and manage your curated research directly in your browser.

Kurator makes it really easy to manage and edit your links and then publish them to your KBucket content hub.

See Kurator in action.



Steps to activate the plugin.

  • Activate the Plugin from your WordPress Dashboard, KBucket Plugin page (You will see KBucket in the sidebar)
  • Register the Plugin by going to our registration page
  • Get your API key from your new profile page (The free version lets you display 10 articles per channel)
  • Enter your API key under the settings tab in your WordPress KBucket page
  • If you are using a PageMaker product, you need to use short keys to display the contents
  • Go the the Settings Tab and choose use short code option
  • Go to the KBucket page (this page is labeled under your pages list) and create a row with two columns and copy the short codes into each section
  • Go to your Pages section of the Dashboard and select the page you want to display the KBucket page on (You should first create a page for this from the page menu).
  • Add the Kbucket page to your desired menu and change the name and url of the page as you wish
  • If you are not using short codes, go to the Appearance Widgets menu and add the KBucket tags to the KBucket Sidebar
  • Download Kurator from the Kurator product page
  • Visit our forum if you have any questions forums.
  • To learn how to create and export your curated research see this post in the Kurator forum.
  • To upload your curated page go to the upload KBucket tab in your plugin and upload the file.


The Trail version lets you post 10 articles per channel and create as many channels as you wish. The idea is for you to make sure the Plugin works for you and is compatible with your site.

In order to curate articles you need our Kurator for Chrome. You can find the link to Kurator under the installation tab.

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