Latest Post Accordian Slider



This is one of the best Accordian Slider for displaying latest posts in wordpress.

It is simplest and shortcode based plugin.

It displays featured images of latests posts with title and content in slides.

There are two options to display slider :

  1. To display slider in post or pages use shortcode [lpa]

  2. To display slider in template files paste the php code

For best view use featured images of size 600 X 300 and minimum 6 posts.



Please follow the steps below:

  1. Upload Latest Post Accordian Slider Plugin folder to yours wordpress plugin directory.

  2. Activate the Latest Post Accordian Slider Plugin.

1.You can change default slider setting on sliders setting page.


Check your theme css file it may conflict with slider css

To display slider in post or pages use shortcode [lpa]

You should have minimum 6 posts to display it correctly

The image size for best view is Width=600px and height=300px

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