Login On Checkout for Easy Digital Downloads



Add a login possibility to the checkout for already existing users. The plugin is compatible with the EDD Auto Register plugin, as well as with the EDD Checkout Fields plugin.

For more details, please visit our plugin page


  • Display login field on checkout
  • Log user in after clicking purchase
  • Wrong password message
  • Already existing email message
  • Works perfect with EDD Auto Register
  • Works perfect with EDD Checkout Fields

For devs

Feel free to message us in case you want special features We love to help!



  1. Activate the plugin
  2. If you use EDD Checkout Fields, you have to go to the Checkout Form page on the WordPress Admin Screen: Downloads > Checkout Form
  3. From there you can add a new field called Action Hook.
  4. Inside this field, you will see an input field called Action Hook and there you paste in the following: edd_checkout_fields_add_password (You can leave the Class field empty)
  5. Thats it, you are good to go!

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