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Automatically makes the HTML tables in your WordPress posts, pages, and widgets responsive (mobile-friendly). Devices with a small screen will see the tables in a new layout with two columns. In the first column will be the data from the first row (the column names), and in the second column will be the data from the other rows.

WordPress Plugin Demo

HTML and CSS Demo for Non-WordPress Sites


  • Affect post/page content and/or text/HTML widgets
  • Choose affected screen size
  • Choose the cell background and border color for even and odd rows
  • Disable for tables by HTML class or ID
  • Disable or enable only for posts and pages by ID


  • Fully automatic
  • Does not change the actual post/page content in the database
  • Easily reverse changes by deactivating the plugin
  • No jQuery or JavaScript on the front-end


  • The first row must contain the column names
  • Skips tables with merged cells
  • Skips posts/pages with tables inside tables
  • Skips multi-row tables when only some columns use th tags
  • In multi-row tables, HTML code is stripped from the cells with the column names, when displayed in the responsive version (as the left column)



Simply install and activate the plugin, like you would any normal plugin.

  1. Visit your Plugins Add New Screen
  2. Find the plugin by searching for: Make Tables Responsive
  3. Install the plugin, by clicking the Install Now button
  4. Activate the plugin, by clicking the Activate button


If the plugin sees any tables that it does not support, it will skip them, leaving them unchanged. See the cons section above, for more details. If you still need help, use the support forum.

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