MFS Survey



This plugin can be used to add surveys in your website. Admin can create single choice, multiple choice and subjective type questions.

  1. This plugin works mainly in 3 steps.
    Step1: Add survey (You need to provide a name for a particular survey)
    Step2: Add page (You can add as many pages for a particular survey)
    Step3: Add question (Each page can have 1 question)
  2. While adding question choose question type
    Textbox: For subjective type
    Checkbox: For mutiple choice
    Radiobutton: For single choice
  3. Since a survey can have multiple pages, you need to provide Next Page Name to navigate after current question.
    If it is last page for the survey, then select Please Choose as Next Page Name.
  4. Edit option is also provided if you need to make any changes.
    Edit option also works in 3 steps.
    Step1: Edit survey (You can edit start and end page for the survey. You can edit next page for a particular page)
    Step2: Edit page (You can edit page name)
    If the question for this page is Radiobutton type ie, single choice then you can change the next page depending user response for that question.
    Step3: Edit question (You can edit question type, question and options)
  5. Each survey is provided options to Publish as a link and Active a checkbox.
    Once published you cant unpublish, edit or delete the survey.
    If you need to remove the survey from front-end then, uncheck the Active option.
  6. To display the published surveys in front-end you need to create a page with shortcode [surveys] as its content. Surveys will be displayed on that page.
  7. You can see the survey report for all surveys in Survey Result page.
  8. This plugin supports multilingual.



  • Download the plugin and extract it.
  • Upload the directory /mfs-survey/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Click on Manage Survey link to access the admin section.

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