WordPress Mynewsdesk or wpMynewsdesk is a wordpress plugin to integrate Mynewsdesk pressreleases and news in your WordPress site very easily. You just need to get unique key from Mynewsdesk and enter it on setting page of Mynewsdesk and everything will be configured automatically.

This is not built by Mynewsdesk and Mynewsdesk does not support it.


  1. Download the Mynewsdesk WordPress Plugin, upload it to your WordPress Plugins folder on your site.
  2. Activate the Plugin from the WordPress Administration Plugins tab.
  3. Enter unique key under settings in admin panel. You need to be a customer at Mynewsdesk to get the unique key.
  4. Write in what country under pressroom site. se for Sweden, uk for England.
  5. Use short code [mynewsdesk] to display press releases anywhere in your site. Wherever you write [mynewsdesk] on the site, your material will be displayed here.
  6. Test it out and enjoy!


You need to contact team to get your API key. More detail can be found here

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