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Narwhal magically turns most themes into powerful microblogs. It is lightweight, simple, and it will take on your themes look and feel (you may need to tweak with your own CSS). It adds a front-end new post area on your blogs main page (or other pages if you so desire).

Narwhal is a modified version of Posthaste by Jon Smajda.

A few notes about the plugins behavior:

  • Select which fields you want to appear in the form and what pages you want the form to appear on. Settings are in Settings -> Writing -> Narwhal Settings.
  • If you leave the Title field blank, it takes the first 40 characters of the post content and makes that the title.
  • If you leave the Category box at its default setting it posts to your default category. However
  • If you have a category named asides it will put posts with empty titles into the asides category even if you do not explicitly specify the asides category in the dropdown. You can then style them as asides.
  • The included CSS is deliberately simple. If your theme already styles forms, it will probably inherit your themes styling. If you want to customize the appearance of the form, just customize your own css files. For example, target #narwhalForm in your custom CSS to change the width.
  • Your blog must have at least one post for the form to appear.



Just upload the narwhal-microblog directory to /wp-content/plugins/ and activate. You will find some basic settings within your Writing settings.


The plugin will automatically make any post categorized as aside, an aside. You can change the category name at the top of the narwhal-microblog.php file.

Its possible your theme has get_sidebar() placed before the loop at the top of your theme (Most themes call get_sidebar() after the loop, but some do it before). This plugin attaches the form at the start of the loop, which usually works fine. In order to prevent the Recent Posts widget (or any other widgets which call multiple loops) from also causing the form to display, the plugin deactivates the form once get_sidebar() is called. So if get_sidebar() runs first, the form wont appear in the real loop either.

If youre willing to edit your themes index.php file, the fix is easy. Just place the following where you want the form to appear on your page (probably right before the loop):


Another option, if you have no other loops called on a page and would rather edit the plugin instead of your theme, is to comment out the action that removes the loop at get_sidebar(). Find the following line near the bottom of the plugin:

add_action('get_sidebar', removePosthasteInSidebar); 

and comment it out by adding two slashes at the beginning of the line:

//add_action('get_sidebar', removePosthasteInSidebar); 

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