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Online Pre-Travel Shopping by shopnfly gives you a revolutionary online, pre-travel shopping search engine, allowing your users to search, compare and buy a massive range of duty free, in air and local retail products from nearly every continent. Products like perfumes, spirits, wines, apparel are just some of the items travellers like to buy across their trip. With shopnfly, travellers can buy all these products and more before they even leave home.

shopnfly is the first ever marketplace creating a one-stop-shop for anything you might like to buy across an international trip. We give our customers the best price at every location and save them time by shipping products to their hotels or offices where possible.

Using this WordPress Travel Shopping plugin, you can add a customisable travel shopping search box anywhere on your site. Once youve installed the plugin, let us know here: to start generating fantastic commissions as part of shopnflys partners program!

What shopnfly and Online Pre-Travel Shopping can offer:

a new and exciting offering for your readers unlike anything else on the market
a travel shopping box to help your readers find the best deals on products they love
a brand new revenue channel to add value to your site and monetise traffic.

Start earning with shopnfly today:
shopnfly offers exiting and generous rewards for members of our partners program.
All you have to do is install the plugin, register with us and we take care of the rest!
shopnfly commissions and rewards are performance based, the more traffic you generate through the widget or our partner links, the greater your rewards will be.



Download the plugin (online pre-travel shopping)

Option A From your WordPress dashboard:

Click on Plugins in the left panel, then click on Add new.

You should now see the Install Plugins page. Click on Upload.

Click on Browse and select the .zip file to install.

Click on Install now and activate the plugin.

Option B via FTP:

Upload and unzip the file into the wp-content/plugins directory.

Activate the online-pre-travel-shopping plugin (from your WordPress dashboard).

II. Basic setup
To track the commission generated by your site and register with shopnfly as an Affiliate (optional)
visit us at: to get your Affiliate ID
Enter your affiliate ID and set up the default settings on plugins admin page

III. Usage
From the plugin admin you can copy one of the shorcodes into any post inside WordPress visual editor:

Editor Shortcode :

[sf_travel_shop t = "rectangle" bc = "#8853c1" bac = "#7f25b9" tc = "#7425b9" buc = "#b92547" butc = "#b9ab25"]  [sf_travel_shop t = "wide" bc = "#b94525" bac = "#b5b925" tc = "#2530b9" buc = "#b925b2" butc = "#fcf8fc"]  [sf_travel_shop t = "narrow" bc = "#221111" bac = "#0bc1e0" tc = "#c7e00b" buc = "#e00b3e" butc = "#100a0b"]  [sf_travel_shop t = "dynamic-width" bc = "#8225b9" bac = "#25b9a1" tc = "#7cb925" buc = "#b925a0" butc = "#a7a3a8" w = "350"] 

PHP Shortcode :



The commission earned by an partner in an average month varies greatly by volume, traffic quality, and conversion rate. Travel shopping is a lucrative and high-traffic area. Hence the possibility remains to generating anywhere from a few dollars to many thousand dollars a month.

shopnfly is an online pre-travel shopping marketplace that allows customers to search through, order and purchase a wide range of products available at every stage of their journey. Customers can then collect their purchases at airport duty free stores, on the plane or even at their hotel reception. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, shopping for yourself or a loved one, shopnfly is the place to go for all your travel shopping.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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