Options for Twenty Seventeen



Options for Twenty Seventeen

This plugin is for Twenty Seventeen theme, please see our other plugins for Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Twenty and Twenty Twenty-One.

This plugin adds the following modification options to the default WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen

General Options

  • Fixes bug that pixelates the home page featured images on iPads.
  • Fixes bug preventing cropping of logos larger than 250px x 250px.
  • Fixes jumpy parallax effect in IE11.
  • Change the max width of the whole page.
  • Change the background colour of the site.
  • Add a border to the whole page.
  • Remove link underlines or add underlines to widget unordered lists.

Header Options

  • Change the width of the sites header.
  • Remove the header video play / pause button.
  • Set colour of site logo, title and description background.
  • Remove header link hover opacity.
  • Align the site branding to the center or right.
  • Align and style the site title and description.
  • Automatically fix the YouTube full width, responsive and play / pause button bugs.
  • Remove the grey gradient background from the bottom of the cover image.
  • Change the height, color and opacity of the grey gradient background from the bottom of the cover image.
  • Remove the grey header background.
  • Force the cover image to retain its aspect ratio or to take on the same style as pages.

Navigation Options

  • Change the width of the main menu.
  • Change the width of the main menu when sticky.
  • Choose a background image for the main menu.
  • Style the background image on the main menu.
  • Remove the main menu padding.
  • Increase the main menu link padding.
  • Align and style the main menu.
  • Change the colours in the main menu.
  • Rotate the arrow in main menu items with sub menus.

Content Options

  • Remove the main menu scroll down arrow.
  • Change the width of the sites content.
  • Change the background color of the site content.
  • Add the Blog Sidebar to pages.
  • Reduce the space at the top of the content below the navigation.
  • Change the width of the border at the bottom of featured images.
  • Align and style the Page, Post and Archive titles.
  • Align and style the Post Meta.
  • Reduce the space below page titles.
  • Choose a colour for links and hover links in the content.
  • Hide links to tags and categories in single posts.
  • Hide the post navigation.

Footer Options

  • Change the width of the sites footer.
  • Change the width of the border at the top of the footer.
  • Change the colour of the footer (background, titles, text, links).
  • Remove the Proudly powered by WordPress text displayed in the website footer and replace with content of widget sidebar.
  • Shortcode [social-links] to show the social network menu in your content.

and the following options for users who have upgraded to the premium plugin

  • Add a widget area below page titles.
  • Enable featured images on front page section blog.
  • Add Back to top links.
  • Fix the Back to top link to the bottom right of the browser window.
  • Add True Parallax effect or remove Parallax effect on front page section featured images.
  • Force blog and search pages to display as one column.
  • Add more sections to your static front page.
  • Set the height of the frontpage section parallax images.
  • Add anchor links to static front page sections into your menus.
  • Choose and style a page backgroumd image.
  • Auto excerpts of posts on home page and archive pages.
  • Set the maximum number of words for the excerpt.
  • Reset Tag Cloud widget styles to defaults.
  • Set the height of the home page header image.
  • Use featured image as header image and show full size header image.
  • Hide header image on all but the home page.
  • Hide site branding (title and description) on all but the home page.
  • Add a widget sidebar to the header area.
  • Hide YouTube video until loaded.
  • Pause YouTube video on user scroll.
  • Disable looping of mp4 header video.
  • Add True Parallax effect to the cover image on the front page.
  • Use Nivo Slider, SlidersPack or MetaSlider instead of the cover image on the front page.
  • Add Nivo Slider captions overlay with links.
  • Move or copy the site logo to the main menu.
  • Animate the site logo in the main menu on just the home page or on all pages.
  • Move the main menu to the top of the custom header.
  • Fix the mobile menu to the top of the screen.
  • Increase or decrease the mobile menu responsive breakpoint.
  • Align the navigation menu hamburger to the left or right.
  • Align the navigation menu items to the center, right or justified.
  • Align the navigation logo to the left, center or right.
  • Animate / bounce the scroll down arrow at the end of the main menu.
  • Hide the Blog Sidebar widget area for small screens.
  • Match the height of the Blog Sidebar and main content.
  • Change the width of the Primary Content area.
  • Change the width of the gap between the Primary Content area and the Blog Sidebar.
  • Swap around the Primary Content area and the Blog Sidebar.
  • Implement Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs on single posts and pages.
  • Show the caption of a featured image on top of the image.
  • Change the font size and weight of the featured image captions.
  • Move post featured image into content area.
  • Hide post featured images on archive pages.
  • Hide post dates.
  • Remove post author from posts.
  • Remove Category: and Tag: from Archive titles.
  • Show page content on posts page.
  • Add a third or fourth footer widget sidebar.
  • Change the opacity of the footer background color.
  • Additional social icons for Amazon, BookBub and goodreads.
  • Fix social links to the left or right on larger screens.
  • Make the social menu links square.
  • Colour the social menu links with their brand colours.
  • Hide featured images on single posts and pages.
  • Hide sidebar on single posts and pages.
  • Show child pages as panels like the home page.
  • Hide titles on single posts and pages



Easily use this plugin to modify WordPress default Twenty Seventeen theme

1) Install Options for Twenty Seventeen automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
2) Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
3) Find the additional features by clicking Customize in the Appearance admin menu.


Changing fonts in a WordPress theme is not a customisation that is limited to Twenty Seventeen. There are lots of plugins out there that already perform this task. We use TK Google Fonts for example.

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