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The team behind PeachPay is officially backed and funded by WooCommerce.

PeachPay for WooCommerce brings one-click checkout to your WooCommerce store. An Express checkout button is added to your product and cart pages. After clicking the button, there is a simple form that a customer only sees once. It saves the customers information so that they never have to fill in their information on your site or any other site using PeachPay again.


  • Adds a PeachPay Express checkout button with no setup required to each product page, cart page, and mini/sidebar cart
  • Returning customers have access to one-click checkout
  • Customers with prior PeachPay purchases on other stores can purchase from your store with one click
  • Test mode allows you to try PeachPay on your live site before customers see it
  • Choose your button color, width, alignment, and more
  • 3D Secure with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) support
  • Instant payouts and zero-fraud guarantee through Stripe
  • Conveniently view orders in your existing store dashboard and payments in your existing Stripe dashboard

Try our demo

If you have any questions, you can visit our website or email us at [email protected]!



Easy install:


Go to your WordPress dashboard, Plugins, and click Add New. Search for PeachPay and click Install Now.

After activating, follow the link in the welcome banner to connect your Stripe account. We will be in touch to help you get started.


After activating, you will see a banner that will take you to a page where you can link your Stripe account. Complete the form, and well send you the activation code shortly!

You can try our demo or see how it works on our merchandise store.

Simply sign up and we will reach out within 1-2 days to begin the onboarding process.

The PeachPay button will appear on product and cart pages.

If it is a customers first time clicking the button, then they will have to enter the necessary information to complete the order. The next time they click the button on your site or any other site using PeachPay, their payment, shipping, and order information will be presented to them and they can choose to check out with just one click.

Many of the merchants using PeachPay have seen an increase in conversions. In addition, some of them have seen an increase in average order value. No merchants have reported a reduction in either metric as a result of PeachPay.

PeachPay integrates seamlessly into your Stripe dashboard, meaning you dont have to worry about managing another dashboard for payouts.

Yes! You can use PeachPay alongside most payment gateways and processors.

Yes! You can easily change the color, width, and orientation of the button in your plugin settings. For further customization, please reach out to us and we can assist you.

Yes! Please reach out to us if youre interested in white-labeling or using your logo and we can help facilitate the process.

Yes! You can use PeachPay on as many stores as youd like. All of them can be connected to the same Stripe account.

You can use PeachPay in all the following countries:

PeachPay supports 100+ currencies:

PeachPay supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. We typically add languages at the direct request of merchants. If you have a request, please contact us.

Unfortunately, PeachPay only works with WooCommerce stores for the moment. However, other e-commerce platform integrations are on the roadmap.

Unfortunately, your only option for collecting payments with PeachPay is Stripe for the moment. However, other payment provider integrations are on the roadmap.

Yes, as assured by Stripe!

Yes, as assured by Stripe!

One thing the PeachPay team prizes itself on is its engineering agility. That being said, please be patient with us. We will do our best to configure compatibility with the plugin or theme in question in a timely fashion.

Merchants using PeachPay have not reported an increase in page load time as a result of PeachPay. We realize just how important fast page load speed is for a good customer experience.

No! That would be contrary to our mission of democratizing 1-click checkout.

With PeachPay, you can easily issue partial and full refunds. There is no fee attached to the refund, but there is a fee from the original charge.

No. Right after a customer checks out with PeachPay, they are taken to the WooCommerce receipt page configured by each merchant. This is presumably where your trackers are set to detect a successful conversion.

No! With PeachPay, a customer never pays a transaction fee for a return.

You can view orders placed with PeachPay in your WooCommerce order feed. You can view payments in your Stripe dashboard.

Yes! PeachPay accepts all major credit cards and generally charges a flat fee.

You can export payment data in your Stripe dashboard, which would include any PeachPay-specific payment data.

Yes! Customers can add as many items as they would like to the cart and check out with PeachPay on the cart page.

It depends. If a promo code can be entered on the cart page, PeachPay can support this functionality. If a promo code needs to be entered on the checkout page, probably not (for now).

PeachPay will support minimum shipping thresholds. If you do not observe this to be the case, then please contact us and we will ensure that it is.

Any shipping options offered by your store are offered in the PeachPay checkout screen. A customer can choose their shipping preference in the PeachPay checkout screen.

Yes! PeachPay is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions and were working on adding compatibility for more subscriptions plugins.

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