Presswell Art Direction



Presswell Art Direction helps simplify how custom image thumbnail sizes are defined, cropped, and generated.


  • Control image cropping with hot-spots
  • Select custom image sizes in the WordPress editor
  • Dynamically generate image thumbnails
  • Delete all cached thumbnails

Image Cropping

Presswell Art Direction adds the ability to set a focal point hot-spot for all images in the media library for fine grain cropping control. Simply identify where the subject of the photo is and the plugin will crop all custom image thumbnails to ensure it stays in frame.

Thumbnail Sizes

Presswell Art Direction adds an easy to use interface for defining and editing custom image thumbnail sizes. Custom image sizes will be available for selection when inserting images in the post editor.

Dynamic Images

Presswell Art Direction prevents custom image sizes from being generated automatically. Only standard WordPress thumbnails will be generated when a new image is uploaded. All other image sizes will be dynamically generated when called via code or requested via URL, saving server space when many custom image sizes are defined. Note: URL based image generation requires that pretty permalinks are enabled.


pwad_add_image_size( $args )

  • $args (array) (required) Keyed array containing name, key, height, width, and optionally thumbnails values; Thumbnail keys are prefixed with parents key like [size]-[thumbnail]


pwad_add_image_size( array(   'name' => 'Square',   'key' => 'square',   'width' => '1200',   'height' => '1200',   'thumbnails' => array(     array(       'name' => 'Medium',       'key' => 'medium',       'width' => '800',       'height' => '800',     ),     array(       'name' => 'Small',       'key' => 'small',       'width' => '400',       'height' => '400',     ),   ), ) ); 

pwad_get_image( $attachment_ID, $size_key, $thumbnail_key )

  • $attachment_ID (int) (required) ID of image attachment
  • $size_key (string) (required) Image size identifier; Overload using [size]-[thumbnail] pattern
  • $thumbnail_key (string) (required) Image size thumbnail identifier

Returns an image tag.


$square_large = pwad_get_image( $img_ID, 'square' ); $square_medium = pwad_get_image( $img_ID, 'square', 'medium' ); $square_small = pwad_get_image( $img_ID, 'square-small' ); // Overloaded 

pwad_get_image_src( $attachment_ID, $size_key, $thumbnail_key )

  • $attachment_ID (int) (required) ID of image attachment
  • $size_key (string) (required) Image size identifier; Overload using [size]-[thumbnail] pattern
  • $thumbnail_key (string) (required) Image size thumbnail identifier

Returns a keyed array containing the file, url, path, height, width, and mime-type values.


$square_large = pwad_get_image_src( $img_ID, 'square' ); $square_medium = pwad_get_image_src( $img_ID, 'square', 'medium' ); $square_small = pwad_get_image_src( $img_ID, 'square-small' ); // Overloaded 



Install using the WordPress plugin installer, or manually as outlined in the Codex.


Once activated, navigate to Settings -> Art Direction to configure custom image thumbnail sizes.


When viewing an image in the media library click the Set Focal Point button. Use the size dropdown to change the crop preview. Click and drag the blue focal point marker to identify the subject of the image. When finished, click the Save Focal Point button to update the focal point settings and clear the image thumbnail cache for regeneration.

Focal point hot-spots are an easy way to control the WordPress image crops because they do not requiring setting custom crop dimensions for every thumbnail size.

Themes may define many custom image thumbnail sizes, but not all image thumbnails will be displayed on the site. Dynamic image generation ensures only the image thumbnails that are actually used are created.

When migrating a large site it is beneficial to delete any generated image sizes to speed up the data transfer. Images will be re-generated dynamically when requested from the new location.

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