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Realty Portal is a feature-rich and powerful property listings plugin for your WordPress site. Its created with built-in responsive design and works with any theme.

Realty Portal allows you to add functions via add-ons. By this way, you can configure your dynamic Real Estate website as you wish by activating or deactivating add-ons coming along with, which is limited by the available themes before.


  • Add, manage, and categorize property listings using the familiar WordPress UI.
    Realty Portal is a vigorous plugin that allows you to manage all functions of a real estate site in the front-end. This is the superb feature that greatly improves user experience. Save time. Smartly do the job.
    All primary features of a real estate website are separated into individual add-ons that help you easily do tasks without touching the back-end.

    • Search feature
    • Feature of comparing properties to pick out the most suitable one.
    • Feature of property submission
    • Feature relating to an agent such as editing profile information managing submitted properties.
    • Plans for flooring: add, edit and expand.
    • Different Pricing plans for a property submission
    • Manage favorite properties
  • Work out of the box with any theme. No code necessary.
    Realty Portal doesnt require coding ability but you can still customize to match your theme.

    • Unlimited custom fields and feature amenities.
    • Clean CSS and you dont have to spend hours coding and testing.
    • Customize the look in seconds to meet your requirements.
    • Plugin built to easily customize to match your design.
    • Flexible, efficient and extensible code.
  • Powerful short codes and widgets for property listings
    Realty Portal plugin lets you filter, search and display property listings with powerful short codes and widgets

    • Display normal property listings and featured ones with widgets
    • Easy to customize widgets.
    • Various and flexible shortcodes totally compatible with Visual Composer page builder.
    • Advanced Search: [rp_advanced_search] integrates superb and primary features that help you quickly find out the suitable properties that are located right on the map. AJAX technology makes searching job easier and quicker than ever.
      One more thing, its easy to customize searching elements by change or edit custom fields and feature amenities. The number is infinite.
    • Property Submission: [rp_submit_property] a couple of minutes is needed to submit a property with the short code. All you need to do is fulfill information of Custom Fields and Property Features, upload gorgeous photos to help clients have a clear view of what you offer them.
      One more word of location of properties, you just need to enter the address and the Realty Portal plugin will automatically locate it on the map and fulfill all other elements, such as Zip Code, City, Country, etc.
    • Agent listing: [rp_agent_list] aids in beautifully displaying the list of agents.
    • Agent Profile: [rp_agent_profile] manage all personal information in the front-end, edit change your personal information without accessing the back-end, manage your package submission plan and you can change it anytime you wish.
    • Saved Search: [rp_saved_search] Auto save which properties you searched so that you can easily recall them by visiting this section.
    • Favorite Properties: [rp_my_favorites] manage properties you like in a smart way. You can easily remove any item at any time.
    • Property List: [rp_property_list] Display properties beautifully. They can be ordered by Date, Price, Featured or Random, depending on your wish.
    • Realty Portal: [rp_member] Support Login /Logout function.
    • Submitted Properties by agents: [rp_agent_dashboard] All submitted properties are stored in Agent Dashboard, and you can manage them in front-end. You can edit them anytime without accessing the back-end and find it among a forest of properties!
    • Pricing Plan: [rp_pricing_table] Create and manage Pricing Plan for submission. The Realty Portal plugin offers you 4 options for this feature:
      • No Membership
      • Free for all agents
      • Membership packages
      • Pay per submission
        For more details, please take a look at Packages-Agent Membership Add-on.
    • Property comparison: [rp_compare] Compare properties based on information that a property displays. The maximum is 4 properties each time.
  • AJAX searchable & filterable property listings.
    Automatically show searching results when you are still typing keywords! This feature helps you save time of reloading page and quickly find out what you are looking for without typing completion.

  • Beautifully display Property Listings
    Multiple properties are not a problem anymore

    • Instantly sort displayed listings by Price, Date, Oldest First or Newest First.
    • Support videos and photo gallery.
    • Provide Paging function for listings.
  • Customize template based on theme and child theme independently with the plugin

    • Copy the file you want to edit to the theme and edit as you wish.
    • By this way, the template will be exactly like you wish until you change it again, which means even if our plugin is updated and the template is changed, your modification is still the same without any effect!

More features
* Friendly code for developers Custom Post Types, endpoints & template files.
* Add and edit listings easily and unlimitedly
* Work out of the box with any theme.
* 100% responsive design and mobile ready.
* 100% compatible with Visual Composer
* Get Real Estate Online faster and more convenient
* Fully control and customize
* No technical experience necessary
* Dedicated Support
* Optimized for SEO
* Enhance and extend with premium and powerful add-ons. More than 10 add-ons are available and more is coming soon. The add-on library will be regularly updated and complemented.
* Flexible payment method for transactions of properties: Use Paypal or use payment gateway integrated with WooCommerce





  1. Upload realty-portal folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Realty Portal -> Settings screen to configure the plugin.
  4. This is the second screen shot

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