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Todays ecommerce support system is scattered across email, live chat, ticketing, FAQs, return centre and whatnot. Ricpanel allows you to streamline your complete customer service operation with three solutions in one platform.


 Omnichannel Helpdesk & Ticketing

 Integrated Ecommerce Self-service

 Modern Live Chat & Messaging

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1. Manage all support channels from one collaborative inbox

Customers can contact you on their favourite channel Live Chat, Email, Facebook & Whatsapp. You can manage all the support tickets from a single collaborative inbox.

2. Complete customer profile with WooCommerce integration

Richpanel pulls in data from your WooCommerce store with seamless integration. Agents can view customers order details, website activities and they can use the data in responses and macros. They have all the context to assist customer queries quickly and at scale.

3. Eliminate repetitive contacts with ecommerce self-service.

30-35% of ecommerce support requests are repetitive. Richpanel lets you create guided self-service workflows to automate these common support scenarios. Customers submit all the information related to the issue in one go. Support agents can resolve the issue instantly without prolonged back and forth communication.

4. Convert more leads with a modern live chat on your store

Built for support team all sizes, Richpanel helpdesk has all the tools to help you easily collaborate across your support team and different business functions to shorten the resolution time. Create unlimited users and teams as per your need.

5. Resolve customer issues instantly with power tools and shortcuts

Use Power Reply to combine multiple actions; responses, assignments and order operations in one shortcut to resolve such queries with a single tap of the key. Use shortcuts to perform the most frequent helpdesk tasks in a jiffy.

6. Access all the support analytics and KPIs you need

See how agents are performing at customer feedback & response times and assisting conversions. Richpanel also measures what agents are influencing sales and creating long term customer relationships. Filter reports by tags, channel (live chat, email, social) & agents.


Want to learn how you can power up your WooCommerce store support with Richpanel? Book a demo here or Sign-up here to see it in action.



Once you install the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the plugin after installation.
  2. It will ask for an API Key & API Secret.
  3. Enter your unique Richpanel API Key & API Secret and click Save Keys. If you dont have these API tokens, sign up for free now and get one!
  4. Once the keys are saved, you will have the option to Sync Orders and Sync Subscriptions which will sync the orders and subscription details of the customers with Richpanel.


To get started with Richpanel Book a demo here or Sign-up here to see it in action.

Richpanel connects with your support email, Facebook Page, WhatsApp Business and live chat to bring all the messages in one inbox.

There is no limit to the number of agents in Richpanel plans.

Richpanel integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Segment, WhatsApp & Facebook.

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