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When you set a static page as your sites home page, you can select a different page to serve as the posts page. This page will then display your most recent posts, instead of the pages content. This can be confusing for new users.

This plugin attempts to make this more intuitive by hiding the content editor for the posts page, and displaying a short notice about the pages special status.

(edit icon in the header by Designmodo, licensed under CC BY 3.0)



Simply install the plugin through your WordPress admin, and activate it. There is nothing to configure.

To see it in action, take the following steps:

  1. Under settings -> Reading, make sure you have a static page selected as your sites home page.
  2. If you havent already, create a page to be used as the posts page.
  3. Under settings -> Reading, set that page as the posts page.
  4. Go back to the posts page and edit it. The editor should now be hidden.


Please see this page on the codex for more info.

No. Alle other pages, posts and custom post types (if any) can be edited as usual.

No, your site including the posts page will look the same.

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